The Unsung Warrior

A mother is often considered to be the woman who has child/children, who has birthed or is bringing up a child. Well in truth there are many who have fought a hard battle against all odds to become a mother but have lost to the universe. In the process they have somewhere lost themselves too. Those are the unsung warriors, whom the world does not recognize as mothers but in actual they deserve this title equally!


The Wish

'When your balloon bursts, one of your wishes is granted.' These words kept ringing in little Raju's ears, since he saw a mother consoling her crying child whose balloon got burst accidentally. Today it was Raju’s turn to sell balloons outside the local park. Usually his mother did this job, but she was not keeping… Continue reading The Wish

Social Responsibility

A Happy Independence Day

Every time a woman shows up a brave face by stepping forward and speaking against the crime committed upon her be it rape, sexual assault or domestic violence she is ridiculed and victim shamed by the society. This Independence Day I have penned down a short story about victim shaming and what kind of people our society really needs to help the victims come out of trauma. Do read and share your views.